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why universities need to focus on branding

Why Universities Need To Focus On Branding

Universities are the spiritual home of critical thinking and sciences, where methodology and evidence rule. It therefore makes sense that university cultures tend to be dominated by a left-brain, fact-based view of the world.   When it comes to marketing however, there is a downside to this

University advertising - what's with the big slogans?


University advertising campaigns, we’ve all seen them. They love a big positioning line. In the past they tended towards self-congratulatory boasts of excellence, prestige and pedigree. These days the trend is bold, individualistic slogans of the “Unlimited”, “Be True To You” and “Dream Large” variety, as they’re

Education digital revolution

Education drowning in the digital marketing revolution

Perhaps the greatest challenge for Australian education marketers, along with ever-increasing competition, has been the shift away from traditional media to a growing reliance on digital marketing channels.   There is no doubt digital marketing is incredibly powerful, offering as it does the seductive benefits of instant,

Future students face mental health challenges marketers should consider

Australian scientists recently uncovered four global trends said to make future university students, Generation Z, unhappy in the coming decades, according to a recent Age article. Just how seriously should university marketers consider these new findings? Put it this way: Vic Health is planning to use

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