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Must Have Event Technology To Rock your Open Day

Must Have Event Technology To Rock your Open Day

Event planning has come a long way from the paper-based system of the early 2000’s. Today, advances in technology have led to massive improvements and have made events such as Open Days more tech-savvy, interactive and exciting. In no particular order, here are some of the

How the rule of two works for education marketers

How the Rule of Two works for university marketers

  Them, or us. Traditional, or contemporary. Specialist, or generalist. Red, or blue. Interestingly, this Rule of Two also bends to marketing challenges. If you, like many university marketers are wrestling a balance between reputational campaigns and recruitment needs, before you expend too much energy and frustration on a



In education, digital and video play a central role. Virtually all prospects will channel through your digital media at some stage in the inquiry stage. Today, not having a good video strategy puts you at a serious disadvantage to your competitors who do. Why? The power of

why universities need to focus on branding

Why Universities Need To Focus On Branding

Universities are the spiritual home of critical thinking and sciences, where methodology and evidence rule. It therefore makes sense that university cultures tend to be dominated by a left-brain, fact-based view of the world.   When it comes to marketing however, there is a downside to this

Youth Audiences And The Death Of The TV Ad

Youth Audiences And The Death Of The TV Ad

If one trend has dominated and defined the marketing communications business over the past decade and more, it is the declining influence of traditional media, and the explosive rise of digital. For free-to-air TV, the explosion of competing screens, social platforms, streaming and gaming options confirms

University advertising - what's with the big slogans?


University advertising campaigns, we’ve all seen them. They love a big positioning line. In the past they tended towards self-congratulatory boasts of excellence, prestige and pedigree. These days the trend is bold, individualistic slogans of the “Unlimited”, “Be True To You” and “Dream Large” variety, as they’re

Don't trust Google Analytics

Don’t Trust Google Analytics

5 Simple steps to data you can trust   Like many communications professionals today, a sizeable chunk of my work involves digital marketing. I consider myself quite literate with the digital reports we use to inform decisions. At least I did until last Thursday. Our agency ran a

Goundhog day communications calendar

Groundhog Day And The Communications calendar

5 REASONS WHY YOU NEED A COMMUNICATIONS CALENDAR   Education marketing can be a bit like that Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, where the same sequence of events repeats time after time, but transformation only comes to those who learn and improve their approach. For education marketers, crunch

Stop content chaos

Stop delivering content chaos

Universities and The five fundamental laws of Content Marketing   Competition between Australian universities is intense. It’s no wonder with thirty nine of them all fishing in the same pool for students, faculty, staff, donations and grants. A good reputation can help a university attract better talent and more

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