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How the rule of two works for education marketers

How the Rule of Two works for university marketers

  Them, or us. Traditional, or contemporary. Specialist, or generalist. Red, or blue. Interestingly, this Rule of Two also bends to marketing challenges. If you, like many university marketers are wrestling a balance between reputational campaigns and recruitment needs, before you expend too much energy and frustration on a



In education, digital and video play a central role. Virtually all prospects will channel through your digital media at some stage in the inquiry stage. Today, not having a good video strategy puts you at a serious disadvantage to your competitors who do. Why? The power of

why universities need to focus on branding

Why Universities Need To Focus On Branding

Universities are the spiritual home of critical thinking and sciences, where methodology and evidence rule. It therefore makes sense that university cultures tend to be dominated by a left-brain, fact-based view of the world.   When it comes to marketing however, there is a downside to this

Brand Aid. The four planning hacks you ned to know.

Brand Aid. The four planning hacks you need to know.

You’ve just received an email from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. “The Senior Executive are interested in pursuing a different avenue for the brand and would like to see three or four options for consideration. They are meeting on Thursday afternoon. We would LOVE to see

Six ways to fail at education marketing

Six ways to fail at education marketing…

Maybe it’s just me, but many otherwise-enlightened education administrators seem to view marketing as something grubby and best avoided. They prefer to focus on the ‘real business’ of education, neglecting marketing altogether. Or they treat it like a fire extinguisher, to be called on only in

An Uber lesson for Australian university brands

An Uber lesson for Australian University brands

One of the defining features of the global village is the emergence of global super-brands. Google, Facebook, Apple, Netflix: these brands are able to transcend national boundaries. Most owe their dominance to disruptive technology, and the speed at which they have achieved global growth was unimaginable

Goundhog day communications calendar

Groundhog Day And The Communications calendar

5 REASONS WHY YOU NEED A COMMUNICATIONS CALENDAR   Education marketing can be a bit like that Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, where the same sequence of events repeats time after time, but transformation only comes to those who learn and improve their approach. For education marketers, crunch

Education digital revolution

Education drowning in the digital marketing revolution

Perhaps the greatest challenge for Australian education marketers, along with ever-increasing competition, has been the shift away from traditional media to a growing reliance on digital marketing channels.   There is no doubt digital marketing is incredibly powerful, offering as it does the seductive benefits of instant,

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