We’re very excited to announce that our client Box Hill Institute has been awarded the 2017 AMI Marketing Excellence Award for Education for their Skill Seekers campaign, beating an impressive field of entrants that included Melbourne, Deakin, Sydney and NSW Universities.

Leading into 2016, TAFE provider Box Hill Institute knew they had some big issues.

Research revealed that the perception of skills and skilled vocations had become undervalued in Australia. As a result, many job seekers are steered into other education and career paths when they might achieve greater success and fulfilment through a skilled vocation. This, in turn, was affecting enrolments at the Institute.

Venus Education, in partnership with the Box Hill marketing team, developed a strategy designed to champion skilled vocations which became the ‘Skill Seekers’ campaign. The bold campaign kicked off their 2017 recruiting period with restored emphasis that vocational skills matter and can be the key to a successful and rewarding life.

It’s an exciting campaign that represents the aspirations of its students and the future possibilities available with the skills they will acquire with the Institute. With ‘Skill Seekers’ Box Hill Institute promises more than just the skills to get a job, they are championing the notion of skills as an exciting career path, helping people achieve their dreams and live bigger lives.

The campaign was launched in late 2016 to drive inquiry and enrolments for the 2017 study year, and results have been truly remarkable to say the least!

  • +500% exceeded performance targets, despite spend being -38% lower than the previous year.
  • +25% increase in organic search to website
  • +40% increase in inbound leads
  • DOUBLE the average industry level for education assets (Facebook average .073% for education sector)
  • +20.5% increase in enrolments year-on-year
  • -50.5% reduction in cost-per-lead.