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Don't trust Google Analytics

Don’t Trust Google Analytics

5 Simple steps to data you can trust   Like many communications professionals today, a sizeable chunk of my work involves digital marketing. I consider myself quite literate with the digital reports we use to inform decisions. At least I did until last Thursday. Our agency ran a

Goundhog day communications calendar

Groundhog Day And The Communications calendar

5 REASONS WHY YOU NEED A COMMUNICATIONS CALENDAR   Education marketing can be a bit like that Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, where the same sequence of events repeats time after time, but transformation only comes to those who learn and improve their approach. For education marketers, crunch

Stop content chaos

Stop delivering content chaos

Universities and The five fundamental laws of Content Marketing   Competition between Australian universities is intense. It’s no wonder with thirty nine of them all fishing in the same pool for students, faculty, staff, donations and grants. A good reputation can help a university attract better talent and more

Education digital revolution

Education drowning in the digital marketing revolution

Perhaps the greatest challenge for Australian education marketers, along with ever-increasing competition, has been the shift away from traditional media to a growing reliance on digital marketing channels.   There is no doubt digital marketing is incredibly powerful, offering as it does the seductive benefits of instant,

Denfence of the ATAR

A rank defence of the ATAR system

It seems the tertiary education year always begins with some fresh controversy and hand wringing around the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) system. This year Professor Dawkins, Vice Chancellor of Victoria University reopened the debate, arguing the ATAR is wholly inadequate, misleading, ‘broken’ and should

Future students hide behind curated content: Is targeting emotions the answer?

University marketing will need to look beyond traditional demographics when targeting future students, and instead focus on the emotional state and connectivity of this diverse audience, according to a recent CSNBC article. Findings from the “Generation Z 2025: The Final Generation” report by US media group

Business Outcomes Optimisation Checklist

Are you struggling with your digital advertising planning? Here’s a super simple checklist to help you optimise your business outcomes.   Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers now. Do what you can to get moving, and make your best hypothesis about the rest, then

Future students face mental health challenges marketers should consider

Australian scientists recently uncovered four global trends said to make future university students, Generation Z, unhappy in the coming decades, according to a recent Age article. Just how seriously should university marketers consider these new findings? Put it this way: Vic Health is planning to use

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