Must Have Event Technology To Rock your Open Day

Must Have Event Technology To Rock your Open Day

Event planning has come a long way from the paper-based system of the early 2000’s. Today, advances in technology have led to massive improvements and have made events such as Open Days more tech-savvy, interactive and exciting.

In no particular order, here are some of the most important event technology trends that can have a significant effect on your event planning and will help you rock your Open Day in 2017.

1. Event Specific Hubs
Event apps were the must have a few years ago. Gone are the days where bulky, paper event guides are thrust at attendees to explain different activities, break down the event schedule, and give speaker information. Instead, event apps incorporate all these aspects, while simultaneously giving attendees access to a committed backchannel where they can easily and efficiently manoeuvre their way around the event, see the timetable but also share experiences, before, during and after an event.

Unfortunately there’s a catch, producing an application for one event is costly, time consuming, and in a world where memory space is precious to people, very hard to convince the market to download. However, thanks to technology these days you can now create an event specific landing page hub very economically and effectively. Providing a short url to event attendees that houses all the information an app could is becoming a huge trend and must have for Open Day- and much more cost and time effective!

2. Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual Reality is another relatively new form of technology that is changing the future of events. Virtual reality booths are popping up everywhere and a valuable way to get everyone excited. Engage your audience whilst telling a fascinating story, for instance taking a journey through a real life deep sea diving excursion or experiencing a day in a life of a surgeon. Cardboard VR headpieces are very inexpensive nowadays (approx. $2), also a fun idea for a show-bag giveaway!

3. Social Media
We all know by now that social media is here to stay. Many of us, (thankfully) are also at a place where we understand a proper social media campaign is the backbone of any event. Social media is more than likely the way that attendees will find out about your event, and share content surrounding it. As event professionals, we must make sure our social media strategies keep up with the times and contain fun and rewarding content that is worth sharing. Instagram/Facebook frames with event information, hashtags and mascots are all excellent ways to engage your audience and encourage them to share branded content for free. Snapchat geofiltering is also a very cheap but highly effective way to push out event information.

4. Bluetooth/iBeacon
Bluetooth and iBeacon’s are also becoming widely used as a powerful event technology trend.
Most smartphones and mobile devices have an embedded Bluetooth Sensor. You can notify guests in advance to turn on their Bluetooth Setting for a ‘secret giveaway’ or to receive some exciting updates throughout the day, encouraging them to attend a demo or enter a competition.

Event technology trends aside, the number one thing for us to remember, is to let your tools work for you, rather than the other way around. The main objective of Open Day is to create an engaging informative event to help capture data and convert attendees to students. Use whatever sources of technology you have at your disposal to tell a story in a new and innovative way. If you need any assistance planning your next Open Day contact Venus Education on 03 9510 7000