Youth Audiences And The Death Of The TV Ad

Youth Audiences And The Death Of The TV Ad

If one trend has dominated and defined the marketing communications business over the past decade and more, it is the declining influence of traditional media, and the explosive rise of digital. For free-to-air TV, the explosion of competing screens, social platforms, streaming and gaming options confirms

Six ways to fail at education marketing

Six ways to fail at education marketing…

Maybe it’s just me, but many otherwise-enlightened education administrators seem to view marketing as something grubby and best avoided. They prefer to focus on the ‘real business’ of education, neglecting marketing altogether. Or they treat it like a fire extinguisher, to be called on only in

Don't trust Google Analytics

Don’t Trust Google Analytics

5 Simple steps to data you can trust   Like many communications professionals today, a sizeable chunk of my work involves digital marketing. I consider myself quite literate with the digital reports we use to inform decisions. At least I did until last Thursday. Our agency ran a

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