The Australian education sector is complex, competitive and ever changing.

We get it.

Our agency exists to help education marketers cut through and deliver more effective brand and tactical communications. And we do it better than anyone.

Why choose a specialist education agency?

If you are an education marketer looking for an agency who truly understands your challenges, you need an education specialist agency like Venus Education. Generalist advertising agencies do not have a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of the education sector. An education specialist lives and breathes the category, understands the competitive dynamics, and stays abreast of the ever-changing landscape. We make it our job to know what works in education marketing, and why. We also understand the daily challenges and pressures faced by education professionals. Our service model is designed to make life easy for education clients, deliver measurable results, and offer great value.

What makes education marketing different?

Surely the same marketing principles apply to education as any other sector? Yes, to some extent that is true. But it is also true that education in Australia has become a very big, complex, multi-sector industry with a unique set of dynamics. Firstly, education has become a lot more commercially driven and competitive than it was even a decade ago. Prospective students have a lot more choice. Marketing has become a critical component - in an industry that traditionally relegated marketing to a secondary role. Compounding this is the digital media revolution and changing audience behaviors, rendering many of the traditional education marketing methods ineffectual. Modern education marketing has become a real science requiring sound methodology and expertise.

Effective Student Recruiting

The big challenge facing most education marketers today is how to achieve growth while controlling recruiting costs. In effect, this means finding ways to deliver ever more effective strategies that improve ROI and lower the cost-per-acquisition. An education communications specialist like Venus Education understands the dynamics of education recruiting cycles. Our real world experience in strategy and execution of recruiting campaigns means we understand where the typical (and less obvious) opportunities and pitfalls are. We can usually rapidly identify opportunities for our clients to increase lead generation and conversion without incremental spending or major administrative changes. And we know how to put processes into place that harness data to facilitate continuous learning, iteration and ROI improvement with every new campaign.

University Marketing

Australian students have 40 domestic universities to choose from, and many universities essentially offer very similar products and promises of quality and outcomes. No wonder competition is fierce. With prospective students increasingly treating education as just another service industry, success depends on getting the whole brand, communication and CRM process right. Venus Education helps universities and higher education institutions develop the key building blocks of a successful brand reputation, communications and recruiting strategy.

School Marketing

School marketing has also been undergoing massive change, and is now more complex and competitive than ever before. Marketing for schools is no longer a secondary or ad hoc consideration – it has become central to the business. The cornerstone of every successful school is a great reputation. That means not only developing a strong point of distinction, but active reputation management, and a comprehensive, integrated recruiting strategy that leverages the potential of digital and social media. Venus Education helps schools develop powerful brands and create communications strategies to achieve sustained growth.

Education Advertising

From a marketing perspective, the education sector has faced a perfect storm over the past decade. We have seen increased pressure from ongoing changes in funding and competition, and at the same time the traditional advertising and media landscape has undergone a complete revolution. New media channels may mean consumers are in control, but they have also been overwhelmed with content and choice. Successful education advertising today requires strong, seamless messaging and channel planning, and intelligent data and lead management. Getting the whole mix right is the only way to achieve sustained growth while keeping recruiting costs down.

Education Branding

All successful education brands are built on a strong reputation. Without a clearly distilled and defined ‘point of distinction’, it is very hard to stand out from the pack. Getting the brand vision and expression right is a process that requires experience and proven methodology. At Venus Education, we know a brand can only be as good outside as it is inside. Our brand development process ensures your key stakeholders come on the journey, so the whole team supports a powerful, own-able proposition in the marketplace.

What makes an education advertising agency different?

What makes a specialist education agency different from a generalist? Functionally, we appear similar to generalist agencies, with strategy and planning, creative development and execution, media planning and placement and of course digital. We can help you plan and execute communications in a similar way to most generalists. Unlike a generalist, however an education specialist agency is dedicated to having an intimate understanding of the audience, purchasing cycle dynamics and competitive landscapes unique to education. Years of experience and benchmarking equips us with the knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and why. For clients, this means we are able to help solve problems and deliver results faster. We have developed proven processes for brand development, campaign planning, messaging and measurement. Our team also ‘gets’ education marketers: the pressures they face, and the service and support they require to do their jobs well.